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I play electric bass, both fretted and fretless, in many musical styles. I've been playing since 1970 — fretless since 1986. I'm a self-taught player with an excellent ear, though I've never learned to read music.

bizcardI've played rock, country, lots of acoustic-style folk, and jazz standards now and then. I'm basically a groove player, though on acoustic songs I prefer to add some lyrical flavor to a bass part. It depends: if there isn't much rhythm (as with a solo singer/songwriter), I'll use the fretless to add more of a texture than a groove. I never got into slapping or popping when they were popular styles. In the 70s, I used to be able to fake my way along on rhythm guitar and keyboard, but I haven't played either for a long time.




Where I'm Playing

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The Jukebox Heroes (my main band)

The Jukebox Heros are a four-piece pop-rock band, covering chart-topping classics from the 60s thru today. The band features Ron Perry on keyboards, Ritchie LaChance on guitar, Bob Duncan on drums, and myself on bass. All four band members sing, and we rotate the lead vocal during the sets.

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Ritchie LaChance, Bob Duncan, Rick Auricchio and Ron Perry


Rough House

I occasionally fill in on bass with Rough House when their bassist is unavailable.

Billy & Charlie Foppiano

I played for several years with Guitar Wizard Billy Foppiano and his son Charlie at the Cambria Pines Lodge. Everything from Bing Crosby to Lou Reed, from standards to the Stones.

The Cellar Rats

The Cellar Rats, a jazz-pop trio featuring Jim Chalifoux and Ron Perry played a blend of jazz standards and pop tunes.


I've got seven beautiful basses, so I'm able to choose the right one for the song.


I've got a choice of equipment, depending on the gig:

  • A pair of DIY 1x12 lightweight cabinets;
  • TC Electronic RS210 cabinet;
  • Bill Fitzmaurice (BFM) Bill Fitzmaurice Omni 15 Tallboy cabinet.

For small acoustic gigs, I have a custom-built mini combo made by Kirkwood Rough, who used to have Upstairs Amps in San Francisco. This 23-pound brute can send 80 watts into an external cabinet, though I almost always use it with its four internal 5-inch drivers. During construction, we chose these drivers to voice the amp for the Dave Maize fretless. The amp also has a built-in DI.

Click here for some song lyrics I've written. Others with whom I've played.

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