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Corporate Hi-Jinks



Since corporations have been doing all sorts of illegal, unethical, and just plain nasty things, I figured it's time to add my ideas to the pile.

Cell Tower Shell Game

Your cell phone company announces a plan to install a cell tower near a school or playground in Smalltown, USA. Naturally, the townspeople react unfavorably, demanding that no tower be built in close proximity to their children.

So you begin a dialog with the town, but while you're holding town meetings, you discreetly install four or five new towers around town. Nobody notices.

You then acquiesce to the public's wishes, perhaps making a donation to a local cause. The townspeople think your company is a good neighbor, and some folks switch their cell service to yours. Golly, reception is so good, you didn't even need that tower near the school. You lie that your research may have been flawed, thank everyone for their civic involvement, and keep smiling all the way to the bank.

Legal Illegals?

You truck illegal aliens from Mexico to the US, but you need a way to fool the Border Patrol guards.

So you teach the Mexicans a few good Japanese phrases and equip them with cameras. They look just like Japanese tourists!

Refinery In A Winery

You just can't seem to convince the locals that your new refinery is what they need in their back yard.

So you build a big winery with huge tanks. You fill the tanks with oil, of course. If you're clever, you should be able to build an entire refinery, disguised as a winery.

(Hint: Re-route the burn-off flames to a decorative fire pit!)

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