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A Rant – Leadership



  • When an event takes place that causes many people to be in a position to follow, it isn't necessarily true that the person in charge is a leader. Look carefully at that person: would he or she have been chosen to lead under normal circumstances? Has that person truly risen to the occasion to show leadership?
  • If everyone is comfortable, you aren't leading. If you're leading people, typically you lead them in ways that challenge them, making them a bit uneasy.
  • If you piss people off with your actions, so be it. Those with leadership ability will be aching to take over from you and make changes. If nobody is willing or able to do so, then why worry?
  • Leadership includes looking forward. Anyone can look backward and see where we've been. Looking forward, especially beyond what most people can see, is where it's at.
  • When you get your turn to be in charge, you call the shots. That's the way it is. And when I get my turn, I'll call the shots.

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