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News That Makes No Sense



There are plenty of web sites that show off nutty or nonsense news items. This is another of those.

From CanadaEast Breaking News on 25 Jun 2004, comes a story about the death of computer pioneer Bob Bemer.

Computer pioneer Bob Bemer, who published Y2K warnings in '70s, dies at 78

POSSUM KINGDOM LAKE, Texas (AP) - Bob Bemer, a computer pioneer who published warnings of the Y2K problem in the early 1970s and helped invent a widely used coding system, has died after a battle with cancer. He was 84.

OK, so was he 78, or was he 84? Never mind living in a place called Possum Kingdom Lake. Later in the article, we learn that Bemer was indeed 84 years old.

Born Feb. 8, 1920, in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., Bemer began his programming career in 1949,....

I find it odd, however, that the report of the death of a man who predicted the Y2K computer year bug would in fact have a year error...


I first encountered the Y2K problem in 1972 in college, while using a large timesharing system. A few of us would occasionally delete the wrong file. So we began using what they called a "retention period," a setting that told the computer how many days must pass before you were allowed to delete.

We would type 9999 days all the time, but on 8/16/1972, 9999 days in the future added up to 1/1/2000. Since the system only kept two digits, i.e. "00" for the year, it allowed us to delete: because "72" was later than "00."

We simply switched to 8888 days, which added up to 12/16/1996.

After we graduated with Computer Science degrees — knowing about the potential for trouble — we did nothing to prevent future systems from taking the same short cut.









They're kidding, right? This is Michael Jackson we're talking about — the surgically-altered beige-colored alien freak with the fake tip of his nose?

Yes, I'm sure the media made him get on top of that car and dance for the fans. The media made sure his fans turned out.

Maybe the media will turn out for his incarceration...




arafatMistakes? Sure, appearing in public in those glasses.

Who is he trying to be? Buddy Holly? Elvis Costello?






"...a composer and arranger who worked with Celine Dion and John Tesh — shot himself to death..."

There's your motive right there.











On a scale of one to ten, where Jesus is a ten, this guy is now a "one." Now, if he'd make a lame monkey walk, he could've been a three.




Well, duh...wendys





"Mexican president Vincente Fox does his James Garner impression as President Bush and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin listen to their favorite tunes on their iPods. Martin appears to be selecting a new playlist on his U2 iPod; Bush's iPod Shuffle is concealed in an inside coat pocket. Both men chose Sony earbuds for their subtle black color."


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