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In the late 90s, I wrote a monthly studio-techniques column for Bass Player magazine, and about a dozen articles articles for Recording Magazine.

As a user of the Panasonic/Ramsa DA7 digital mixing console, I've collected a lot of my discoveries and thoughts about that device on a set of essays pages.

Recording Magazine

May 2002: review: Mackie MDR24/96 Hard Disk Recorder

Mar 2002: Vocal Booth Blues

Jan 2002: review: Audio-Technica 3031 and 3032 microphones

May 2000: review: Tascam DA-78HR

Fall 1999: review: FMR RNC Compressor

Apr 1999: The Dirty Dozen - Sound reinforcement do's and don'ts

Mar 1999: review: Event 20/20p Studio Monitors

Jun 1998: review: BPM StudioTechnik CR-10, CR-95, and TB-95 microphones

Apr 1998: review: AKG C480B microphone

Jan 1997: The Glass Booth - two simple designs for isolation booths

Jan 1997: review: The Joe Meek VC3 Pro Channel

Nov 1996: Doing It All For A Song – a "Fadeout" guest editorial about ways to encourage the best performance from an artist.

Sep 1996: Are Computer Platforms Converging? – An article describing the Apple-IBM-Motorola Common Hardware Reference Platform (CHRP).


Bass Player Magazine

I wrote a studio-techniques column entitled "Studio Time" for about two years. Each column was about 1000 words.

Aug 1999: "Location Recording" - part 2

Jun 1999: "Location Recording" - part 1

Apr 1999: "Are Your Papers In Order?" - Session documentation

Feb 1999: "Acoustics 101"

Nov 1998: "Monitoring"

Aug 1998: "One Song's Challenges" - Mixing experiences

Jun 1998: "Patch Bays"

Apr 1998: "Shhhhh!" - Noise Reduction

Feb 1998: "Gain Staging" - Gain Staging

Nov 1997: "Balancing Act" - Balanced signal lines

Aug 1997: "Compress This" - Compression

Jun 1997: "Going Direct" - Direct Inject (DI) recording

Apr 1997: "The Signal Chain" - Intro to the signal chain from instrument to recorder.

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