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Odd Photos



From time to time, I run into interesting things to photograph.

The Cube Of Cones

On 17 August 2005, I was in Balboa Park in San Diego and I spotted a cube of cones. This cube, about eight feet on a side, was covered entirely with brand new orange traffic cones.

Notwithstanding the unusual arrangment of these cones, I had never seen so many brand new traffic cones in the same place! All were perfect.

I asked a workman at the site what it was and he didn't know. I suspect it's part of an upcoming exhibit, since the three art museums adjoin the open plaza where the cone-cube is being erected.


The Smiley-Face Mac

While working with a client's iMac G4, I realized I was looking at a smiling face!

I positioned the speakers toward the rear and snapped the photo while the CD door was opening.

Et voila...smiling face!


Face In The Coffee

This has happened twice with our coffee-maker.

I wonder if we should charge people to come and worship it.

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