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Just what you wanted to know: what I've been searching for. On this page, I'm gonna list all the Google searches I do. Why? Because I can. There are lots of web cams, cameras that show pictures of anything from fish tanks to offices to a dormitory soft-drink machine. Crystal Cruises even has shipboard web cams that display the forward view from the bridge.

So consider this page a sort of web cam view of my recent Google searches. At the very least, it may be amusing to see the range of things one can find on the web. Or the range of things for which I search.

Derivative Googling

On 24 Feb 2004, I got an email from Bill in Maryland who, while tracking down an erroneous VISA credit-card charge, was searching for a vendor called "WayMakers." One of his google hits was, ironically, this google-cam page. I had done a similar search after getting a $16 fraudulent or erroneous charge from this company or one of their affiliates.

I'm calling this phenomenon Derivative Googling: When your google search hits a page that lists earlier google search terms. Or, perhaps it might be called Cooperative Googling, where you're connected with others searching for similar terms. Collectively, you have all the info the others need.

Wow! It Works! So It's Cooperative

Within five hours of my adding the above "Derivative Googling" paragraphs, I received another email, this time from Bob in California, who was researching the same topic. As a result, I'm calling it Cooperative Googling.


In November 2006, I received an email from a guy who was annoyed that his Google search turned up this page. Steve from Australia had this to say:

"I hate your idea of cooperative googling, it's the equivalent of harmless spam email. It's not as if there aren't enough pages that are false hits for a search but now you are deliberately creating them. If your page actually had links to useful results for a search it wouldn't be so bad, but then you'd just be an out of date proxy for Google."

Though I feel he's being a bit harsh in his characterization of this page, his point is valid: out of 50000 hits, you'll have one more. Hardly serious. Adding links to useful pages would be nearly impossible: I'd have to implement something very complicated, and, as Steve admits, it would become outdated.

The List Of Searches I've Done

I've removed the list that was here because I stopped updating it, and, as Steve predicted, it became outdated.

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