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Ergonomics Nightmares



Ergonomic nightmares in advertising.

Why do marketing people persist in showing ads with their customers in ridiculous positions? From time to time, I'll add to this collection as I find depictions of people using products in impossible positions.

Maybe it's a chiropractor doubling his business by helping to create ads like this?

floorHere we have man and child, no doubt father and son, having fun with an Apple PowerBook G4 on the floor. According to the ad, they're actually enjoying the floor covering more than the computer, but still the pose is foolish.

I'm sure Dad will quickly tire of one-finger typing, even with Junior's help. And let's not worry that Dad's lower back will soon start to fall apart.






This is one of those great "College student do-it-anywhere" photos. Mixmaster Tiff (in da house, just so we know it's formix young people), tweaks a knob on this Digidesign recording control surface, while Girlfriend types with one hand.

Girlfriend's PowerBook G4, of course, sports no visible cables, making it tough to believe that either she or Tiff are actually accomplishing anything with respect to the computer.

But that's not why where here, is it? No, we're here to show how these two young women can sit in uncomfortable positions. Even composing an email message would begin to cause gradual pain for Girlfriend. Tiff, on the other hand, may be able to kneel forever — she certainly has no distraction from actually hearing the music, because the headphone cable goes out of frame at the bottom.

Perhaps both are chiropractic guinea-pigs and not musicians?



pianoDread here has found the proper way to use the product: prop this expensive device atop a stack of books. As for the reference to Beethoven, well, let's just stop here.

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